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The Power Pull is a patented resistance machine that takes resistance to the next level. With our 8 week program the Power Pull will teach the athlete to run with the correct form and mechanics.

The Power Pull has a machine pull that can be dialed in at any resistance level (to achieve the goals the athlete is striving for) from build power to the Power Pull level in conditioning.

[ Why the Power Pull works ]
The conventional apparatuses such as dead weight sleds or tires lose their resistance due to hydroplaning. To achieve maximum explosive starts, the resistance has to be constant. Explosive power is built in 10 yard pulls at heavy loading settings with proper form. The conditioning is built in pulls up to 60 yards or more using lighter resistance settings, but the resistance settings are constant. Load changes will not give the athlete the results that continuous resistance will. Example: When moving a heavy object, place it on skids or a flat surface such as a rug. The weight becomes very easy to move. The faster the weight moves, the less resistance it will create. This is where hydroplaning comes into effect. So, what known resistance loads are you working with? To build maximum results you need maximum work loads. It's like lifting weights and building strength to build power. Power is speed! The Power Pull has a round cylinder to create the constant resistance. There is no hydroplaning! The weight of the machine and the resistance controller play hand in hand to achieve this. This constant resistance is the "feel" that athletes say they have never experienced before. In the words of a university athlete, "Coach, the Power Pull doesn't turn you loose!" Athletes from the Jr. High level to the Pros work with the Power Pull by just dialing in the required resistance.

ATTENTION: The new Data Machine for Power Pull will be available shortly. They will be added for purchase soon.

Download the Power Pull Data 'SMART' Machine - Charts and Details PDF

Coach Joe P. Walker, Jr:
Coach Joe Walker is the head Track and Field Coach for men and women at Ole Miss. For 38 years Coach Walker has been looking for that extra edge that will give his athletes a critical competition advantage.

After trying every known enhancement method available, Coach Walker was introduced to the Power Pull. Since then, it has become the key ingredient in his track program to get his athletes fit. Coach Walker personally states. "If I had only one thing other than running, jumping, & track... it would be Power Pull. I endorse it fully."

Track and Field Coach, Joe Walker, Jr., highly endorses the Powerpull. See why.

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