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[ Dee Haynes ]

Hello. My name is Dee Haynes and I played six years of professional baseball.

Early in my carer I struggled with leg injuries, high thighs and I was always side lined thru about the first 3 or 4 years of my career. Late in my career I discovered the Power Pull and it just totally transformed who I was. I was a healthier individual. I would make it thru the whole season and not have any problems injury wise. That was just part of it. The increased leg strength that I had allowed me to hit more home runs and hit for higher average. It was unbelievable!

In 2005 was the last season I played. I had incredible leg strength due to the Power Pulls first year that I had been on the machine. I was very impressed with the results. I missed the first month of the season due to some politics of the game. I got traded to the Washington Nationals and ended up hitting 23 home runs for the season which was more than I had ever hit and I missed a month. So I attribute a lot of the home run power that I had to the leg strength that I gained on the Power Pull.

As a baseball player I could talk about the specific movements that it takes to hit a baseball, but in any sport that you are looking at you are talking about leg strength. Of course the Power Pull is going to increase your speed and endurance. But what people do not know is how strong their legs are actually going to get on it. Say you take a hitter for instance, the stronger their legs and trunk is and their base - the stronger the hitter they are going to be. Everything correlates to the leg. Pitching power comes from being able to push off the rubber. It increase your miles per hour. Hitting will increase the distance of the balls that you hit. So the leg power that you gain might be understated a little bit. But it is incredible. I have been very pleased with the results I have gained off the Power Pull and in my leg power.

The selling point of the Power Pull is the dialed in resistance and it is as easy as turning the knob. You can go from level 0 all the way up to level 14... and you got to be a hoss to get on 14! But you can work your way up there and get there. It's as easy as turning the knob back and forward to set your resistance without having to add plates or whatever you do with the other machines.

If I was a parent that had an athlete that was serious about making it to the next level, whether it be varsity, college, or professional level, I would definitely recommend the Power Pull. It is an awesome tool, but let me warn you, this is for serious athletes. You have to be serious and dedicated when you are working to make it to the next level. So if you are serious about making it - then the Power Pull is the tool for you.

[ Dee Haynes ]

Name: Dee Haynes
Testimonial Type: Athlete
Sport: Professional Baseball
Experience: 6 Years Pro Baseball
Press Photos: See Dee Haynes gallery.
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Comments: Dee Haynes highly endorses the Powerpull. See why.

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