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[ Hurdler Antwoon Hicks ]

Hi, I am Antwon Hicks and I am a 110 meter hurdler.

One great thing about the Power Pull is that you can get the greatest workout in the least amount of time. Because of the demands of the Power Pull, much like weight lifting, you may lift for an hour or so. You can come back and do the Power Pull for maybe 10 to 15 minutes and get the exact same workout.

But the thing about the Power Pull is more sports specific to running. Where as like football or track or any other sport that relates to running, it helps you with your technique. It is really more efficient, because you are running and also pulling that resistance. It is so smooth.I have tried other machines that are resistant, but nothing is as smooth and has helped me as much as the Power Pull.

The Power Pull machine was very integral in helping me win 2 NCAA titles because of in my freshman and sophomore year where I didn't win, the weakest part of my race was probably my start and having the power to start and come out and get to the first hurdle. But, after working with the Power Pull machine, I have won a couple of titles and after that I did well in my collegiate career in signing a contract with Adidas.

So, I thank Phil Morris for having the Power Pull machine. It was a significant part in accomplishing everything that I have accomplished this far.
[ Antwon Hicks ]

Name: Antwon Hicks
Testimonial Type: Athlete
Sport: Hurdler
Experience: 2 NCAA Titles
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Comments: Hurdler Antwon Hicks highly endorses the Powerpull. See why.

The Power Pull is a patented resistance machine. It is not a dead weight sled or tire. Building muscle memory, power, and extreme endurance with a single workout program just makes good sense. If you want the maximum results, the Power Pull is for you, the serious athlete!

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