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[ Coach Ricky Woods and Lucian King ]

I'm Ricky Woods the head coach of the South Panola Tigers of Batesville, Mississippi. I would like to take a minute of your time to talk about the Power Pull. I have used various products that enhance athletic performance. I have never found anything that has enhanced performance in the area of speed, agility, and power as the Power Pull. Also, the Power Pull has helped us to reduce our injuries in our leg for as pulled muscles and keep our athlete's on the field.

I am Assistant Coach Lucian King of South Panola High School. Coach Woods asked me when we purchased the Power Pull's to run the program at the school. I can honestly say that this is the best machine I have ever seen for teaching speed, endurance, and conditioning. The best example I can give of it is - every athlete we have put on the machine has had a decrease in their 40 time.

This is the best machine. You have got everything in one machine. You have an eternal braking system, which can prevent the waste of time on turns, when you get through running your routine, 15, 20, 40 whatever it maybe. By having this resistance, you are able to dial up the amount of resistance you want. If you follow the 10 week program the Power Pull has, each week that will improve. And you will see the young men's proper running form come into being.

The machine is sturdy built. You have this lever that is easy to maneuver from spot to spot. We just totally believe in it at South Panola High School. Our results as I said before has been amazing. Our young people believe in it. They look forward to getting started on the pulley machine. At the football season every year they get to asking me, "Coach when are we going to start the pulleys?" That is a good sign to me, the best sign you can have that your kids are excited about it. Because they have seen the results.

And it has translated to Friday Night Victories. We have been blessed with a lot.
[ Coach Ricky Woods and Lucian King ]

Name 1: Ricky Woods
Name 2: Lucian King
Testimonial Type: Coach
Sport: Football
Experience: 74 - 1 Record
Press Photos: See Woods / King gallery.
Contact: Access our online form.
Comments: Coach Woods and King both highly endorse the Powerpull. See why.

The Power Pull is a patented resistance machine. It is not a dead weight sled or tire. Building muscle memory, power, and extreme endurance with a single workout program just makes good sense. If you want the maximum results, the Power Pull is for you, the serious athlete!

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